Her First Cruise
                    South America 1958

14 July 1958

USS Mullinnix DD-944 off the Brazilian Navy Yard, Rio de Janeiro, 14 July 1958

Brazilain warships in the background include (L-R): Jose Bonifacio AGS (far left), Baependi D-17, Sirius H-21, Mariz E Barros D-26,
Duque De Caxias U-11, Bark Guanabara Bocaina D-22, Barrosa Pereira G-16.

History of the Unitas Relationship (PDF)
Note: Mullinnix is mentioned numerous times in the PDF (including pictures)

Mullinnix Clips from 1958
Courtesy Jack O'Connell & Jim Young

Loading Ammo in Dec 1958 - Jim Young Producer

Loading Ammo in Dec 1958 Before Heading from Boston to Norfolk

The Mullinnix and the USS Ranger CV-A 61 were new ships. The Ranger was approximately 9 months old and the Mullinnix 3 months.

NOTE: The USS Lester DE-1022 was not on this cruise. Lester history shows that on 10 March 1958 Lester left Newport for operations off New England, returning to port on 1 April 1958. On 12 May Lester left for the Med. Shortly after her commissioning on 7 March 1958, Mullinnix headed (from Boston) for a shakedown cruise in Gitmo. If the Lester was performing ops in the New England area from 10 March to 1 April 1958, chances are the 2 ships saw each other and Richard Giles shot his video as seen below.

Mullinnix sits at an unknown pier - 1958

USS Mullinnix DD-944 and USS Compel AM-162 - Unknown Location 1958

A special "thanks" to Richard Giles and Jim Young, a couple of "plank owners", for the video clips below!!

Video  Clips
USS Lester DE-1022
These videos were taken during the 1958 Cruise to South America. CLick on each link to view video clip.

USS Lester DE-1022 fighting the waves
USS Ranger CV-A 61
These videos were taken during the same 1958 Cruise to South America. Click on each link to view video clip.
USS Ranger a little closer to Mux
USS Ranger along side Mullinnix
Mullinnix aft of USS Ranger
USS Ranger alongside Mux
USS Ranger
Chaplain being highline to USS Ranger
Highline with USS Ranger
USS Ranger from a distance
Helo Exercises
Helo Exercises - 1958

Helo transfer of personnel
Helo transfer
Future Shellbacks

Shellback Exercises - 1958

Video Clip 1 - "Royalty"
Video Clip 2 - "Face Painting"
Video Clip 3 - "The Rack"
Video Clip 4
Video Clip 5 - "The Box & Tunnel"
Video Clip 6 - "Getting a paddle"
Video Clip 7
Video Clip 8 - "The Girls"
Video Clip 9 - "More Girls"
Video Clip 10 - "The Dunk"
Video Clip 11 - "More Dunk"
Video Clip 12
Video Clip 13
Video Clip 14 - "Well built Girls"
Video Clip 15 - "The Kiss"
Video Clip 16 - "Haircut"
Video Clip 17 - "The Tunnel"
Ocean shots
"Just Cruising" video clips - 1958

Goofing around
Shot from fantail
Shot from Portside
Havin' Fun
Another shot from fantail
Another shot from Portside

All Hands Magazine, August 1958

Mullinnix Vistitor Pass - 1958

Mullinnix Ship Personnel Diary (PDF)
Courtesy of Jim Young

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