1958 - Mux 1st Cruise
(South America)

Port of Spain, Trinidad 1958
USS Mullinnix DD-944 in Port of Spain, Trinidad - June 1958

Alan Brown
Alan Brown returning from the USS Ranger in 1958.
1st load of ammo
Very 1st load of ammo being loaded on Mux in Hingham MA 1958.
MT 31 in 1958
MT31 and her Crew South American Cruise 1958.
Port of Spain Trinidad 1958
Mux in Port of Spain Trinidad 1958.
Tampico Mexico 1958
Mullinnix in Tampico Mexico - 1958. Mullinnix 1958 Mullinnix 1958.

The pictures below were donated by Stan Pritchard. Thanks Stan for the memories!!

Highline w/ DE1028
Mullinnix in Highline operation with USS Van Voorhis DE-1028 - 1958.
Highline w/ DE1028
Mullinnix in Highline operation with USS Van Voorhis DE-1028, another view - 1958.
Mux in Uruguay
Mullinnix in Port in Uruguay on South American Cruise 1958.
Stan Prichard's 21st Birthday - 1958
Stan Prichard "celebrating" his 21st Birthday on the South American Cruise 1958. Happy Birthday Stan!!
USS Mullinnix DD-9441958
We've all seen this picture. However, Stan sent me what appears to be an original photograph. I thought it was worth another look at our ship when she was just a kid...(before commissioning) Mullinnix 1957 Count'em - 7 Gun Barrels!

USS Mullinnix - Port of Spain, Trinidad - 3 June 1958

Alan Brown paying out greenbacks on the messdecks
Note the Budweiser box in the background

A Polywog gets his!

More Polywogs!

Royal Baby Feeley!!

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