1959 - Unitas I           

Mullinnix Postcard - Date Unknown (Pre-1969)

1959 Unitas I Clips
Courtesy Jack O'Connell & Jim Young

USS Lester DE-1022

Unknown DD or DE

USS Hartley DE-1029

USS Ranger CV-61

USS Spikefish SS-404

Mullinnix Crossing The Equator

Mullinnix with USS Lester DE-1022

Mux MT 31 (Forward 3")

Crossing The Equator Festivities - NOT Taken on Mullinnix

Mullinnix left Norfolk on 11 February for her first Unitas Crusie to South America, returning on 5 May. She visited some great ports of call. Namely:

1. Port of Spain, Trinidad, BWI
2. Equator Crossing
3. Rio de Janerio, Brazil
4. Montevideo, Uruguay
5. Mar del Plata, Argentina
6. Recife, Brazil
7. Port of Spain, Trinidad (again)
8. La Guara, Venezuela

After a few weeks in Norfolk, the crew manage a short trip up to New York City on 10 June to spend a couple days in the five buroughs of that great city, returning to Norfolk on 18 June.

ALL HANDS Magazine Feb 1959


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