Second Trip to "The Med" by Mullinnix
2 February 1961 to 28 August 1961

Malta - 1960s

Med - June 1961

Mullinnix Crew 1961 Med Cruise
Muxmen Jerry Kaufman is lower left end next to the Shore Patrol
Saiors from various ships traveled by bus from Naples to Rome. Many even got an audience with the Pope
Hence, not all the sailors in picture may be from the Mullinnix

Mullinnix - Naples 1961

USS Mullinnix DD-944 (on right) - Naples, Italy 1961
Courtesy Sonny Walker

All pictures below courtesy of William Beckenbach
Mullinnix 3" Gun Mount
Mullinnix Whale Boat
The Mighty Mux
Getting ready for a highline
01 Level
DESRON Squadron 32
Mux Mast
MK 56 Forward Director
Unknown Shipmates in front of the MK68 Aft Director
Palermo Sicily
Helicopter Incoming
Helicoptor closes in on Mux
Helicopter & MT53
Chief Libecki

D&S Piers - September 1961

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