NOB Norfolk - August 1964

Mullinnix in Montreal on 30 June 1964

Mullinnix with USS Harold J. Ellison DD-864 in Montreal on 30 June 1964.
Courtsey of Jim Albright.

Translation of text: "Montreal, Tuesday June 30, 1964. These two large American destroyers,
the "Mullinnix" and the "Harold J. Ellison", arrived in Montreal yesterday for a four-day stay.
The public will be able to visit the destroyers tomorrow afternoon.
There is also another destroyer, the "Gearing", and a submarine, the "Cubbera".
Courtsey of Sylvie S - Thanks!!

USS Mullinnix DD-944 Sept 1964

This is the Mullinnix as she appeared in Sept 1964.
She still sported her forward 3" gunmount. Count'em - 5 gun mounts - 7 barrels. Awesome!

Unidentified shipmate (above bridge) 1964
Unidentified shipmate (thinking of home? next liberty port?)
USS Randolph. Photo taken from Mullinnix
DesRon 32 pin. Courtesy of Ron Lapham
Mux Fantail. Courtesy of Ron Lapham
Tom McDade - 2nd Division. Courtesy of Ron Lapham
Mullinnix steaming in the Caribbean. Courtesy of Ron Lapham

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