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1966 Vietnam Gunline

Mullinnix, South Vietnam Gunline - 1966

MT 52 & 53 Shelling Vietnam Shoreline

Watch the video of the "Mighty Mux" In Action - WOW!
Mullinnix' MT52 & MT53 shelling the coast line of Vietnam! (mpg)
Note the angle of the guns - this is close, damn close...

"After a 3-month deployment with the 6th Fleet (and after extensive repairs to her boilers), MULLINNIX departed Norfolk for duty with the Seventh Fleet. After stops in Guantanamo Bay, Balboa, Manzanillo, Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, Guam, and Subic Bay, she arrived off the coast of Vietnam to aid the Vietnamese in their struggle against Communist tyranny. Between 2 August and 1 November 1966 she was intermittently deployed off South Vietnam, ranging from the DMZ to Saigon River, providing valuable gunfire support. This was during the Vietnamese Counter-offensive Phase II (01 July 1966 - 31 May 1967)."

During bombardment of enemy positions, she fired 13,702 rounds of ammunition in support of the First Marine Division, the U.S. Army, and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. She departed the Seventh Fleet on 17 November 1966 and continued westward around the world via the Indian Ocean and Suez Canal. After stops in Penang, Cochin, and Athens, MULLINNIX arrived in Norfolk on 17 December.

Familygram 1 March 1966 - Page 1
Familygram 1 March 1966 - Page 2

Familygram 23 June 1966 - Page 1
Familygram 23 June 1966 - Page 2
Familygram 23 June 1966 - Page 3

Familygram 12 August 1966 - Page 1
Familygram 12 August 1966 - Page 2

Familygram 6 October 1966 - Page 1
Familygram 6 October 1966 - Page 2
Familygram 6 October 1966 - Page 3

Familygram 8 November 1966 - Page 1
Familygram 8 November 1966 - Page 2
Familygram 8 November 1966 - Page 3
Familygram 8 November 1966 - Page 4
Familygram 8 November 1966 - Page 5

Familygram 29 November 1966 - Page 1

1966 Mullinnix Familygram Crest

World map from back of the Mullinnix 1966 Cruise Book

Excerpt from Stingray by Bruce H. Norton
Chapter 10 – “Just Another Day In October (1966)"

Three things made it a perfect situation for the team. One, as a gunnery sergeant I had been trained as a forward observer for artillery and as a naval gunfire spotter. SO I called for fire from the 7th Marine’s 105 direct-support battery, which I could actually see to my east. Then Odin really must have laughed, because the USS Mullinnix (DD-944), newly reporting on the gun line, cut in on my radio net to offer assistance. She had a 5”/54 rapid-fire mount forward and a twin-mount 5”/38 aft with more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition. I was delighted! Especially as many more enemy troops were pouring into the valley. By now we had several thousand men in the open and more on the way.

I call the infantry battalion CP (Command Post) and informed them they were outnumbered by a least eight or ten to one, and their CO came back with “Good, Cakewalk.”

I had not seen an enemy in that kind of number since Korea, but I told the CO to save his 105 ammunition because I was going to use the ship’s firepower first.

The Mullinnix came into alignment no more than 1,000 meters from the beach and dropped anchor. I gave them a center of mass, and all three of her guns commenced to rearrange the valley terrain and lots of people. IN the midst of this, the UHF ground-to-air radio, which I had scrounged in Chu Lai, came to life:

“Cakewalk, this is Pea Patch Leader, overhead with six A-4s with snake-eye and napalm. How about a piece of this?”

“Welcome aboard, Pea Patch. I’ll turn off the ship, and you can help yourself.”

In less than ten minutes the A-4s had completely expended their ordnance, and I turned the Mullinnix loose again. We fired the ship empty. The entire 21st NVA Regiment and 501B NVA Battalion and ceased to exist.


Other than having the configuration of the gun mounts wrong, this is a pretty good piece of Mullinnix history. This paperback can be purchased on www.Amazon.com.

President Johnson Visits Cam Ranh Bay

Navy Video Clips - Vietnam 1965
Combat Vietnam: To Hell and Beyond
(1 short year before Mullinnix arrived for her 1st tour)

USS Orleck DD-886
USS Orleck DD-866 - Naval Gunfire Support. Note the distance between Orleck and the coastline. The Mullinnix faced these short distances daily on all three cruises to Vietnam.
USS Orleck DD-886
Introduction clip from Combat Vietnam: To Hell and Beyond.
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 and USS Orleck DD-886
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 launching planes and the USS Orleck DD-866 providing gunfire support.
USS Maddox DD-731
USS Maddox DD-731 comes under attack by N Vietnamese PT Boats on 2 August 1965.
USS C. Turner Joy DD-951
Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara describes the attack on the USS Maddox. USS C. Turner Joy DD-951 (USS Turner Joy) enters the fighting with USS Maddox.
President Johnson
President Johnson explains the attacks to the US public.
Operation Dagger Thrust
Navy and Marines forces participate in Operation Dagger Thrust - March 1965.
USS Navy Ships
USS Canbera CAG-2, USS ??? 12, USS Allen M. Sumner DD692, and USS Bainbridge CGN 25 (formerly DLGN 25).
USS Orleck DD-886
USS Orleck DD-866 participating in Naval Gunfire Support.
USS Kitty Hawk and USS Enterprise
USS Kitty Hawk and USS Enterprise get into the action.
Planes are launched for US carriers.
LPH launches attack helicopters.
Destroyer Escort
US Destroyer Escort (DE-??5) checks out junk for arms as part of Market Time Operation. Swift Boats and Coast Guard participated as well.
The "Individual Man"
The Navy's most valuable asset - the "Individual Man". Includes clip of unknown ship and USS Orleck DD-866.
USS Orleck DD-866
Unknown ship and USS Orleck DD-866.

Bam Ba (‘33’) Beer

Vietnam Era Songs - "The Songs of Vietnam"

Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues
We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Animals)
Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire)
Kiss Me Sailor (Diane Renay)
Navy BLue (Diane Renay)
A Letter From Vietnam (Hank Snow)
Vietnam (Johnny Cash)
Vietnam Blues (Kris Kristofferson - Dave Dudley)
Vietnam Deck of Cards (Red Solvine)
Letter From Vietnam (SSgt Barry Sadler)
Salute to the Nurses of Vietnam (SSgt Barry Sadler)

Watch video of "Mux" pulling into "Sailors Heaven" - Subic Bay!
Mullinnix pulling into Subic Bay for Liberty!
Note the forward 3" gun-mount

DESRON 32 Letterhead

Ann Margaret w/ Bob Hope's Annual Show
Sure beats the shit out of Hanoi Jane!

Good Morning, Vietnammmmmm!!!!!!

Radio Show - Clip 1 (mpg)
Radio Show - Clip 2 (mpg)
Radio Show - Clip 3 (mpg)
Radio Show - Clip 4 (mpg)
Radio Show - Clip 5 (mpg)
Radio Show - Clip 6 (mpg)
English Class - Clip 1 (mpg)
English Class - Clip 2 (mpg)
Convoy - Clip 1 (mpg)
Convoy - Clip 2 (mpg)
Baseball Game - Clip 1 (mpg)
Baseball Game - Clip 2 (mpg)
Goodbye Vietnam (mpg)

Many an American soldier, hunkered down as bullets whistled through the foliage, were startled to see an old lady climbing creakily out of a jeep! "Boys, let's talk turkey," Corrie would announce. "Either you're going to survive this war or you're going to fall. If you fall, are you ready to meet God?"
The Hiding Place
Corrie Ten Boom

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