USS Mullinnix DD944


 Vietnam Gunline

FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood in Main Battery Plot - Gunline Vietnam
NOTE: "THE trigger" in my left hand
(Courtesy FTG3 Dennis "Ski" Wenske)

FTG3 Frank Wood with a days' worth of 5" powder casings.

The Doors & Creed - Riders on the Storm

Thanks to all who contributed pictures. A special thanks to MM3 Dale Schultz for opening
up his entire album for everyone to enjoy! Thanks Dale, for the trip down memory lane!!

MT53 Firing
USS Mullinnix MT53 blazing away at enemy targets
Baseball Vietnam Style
Guys from the engine and boiler rooms have a chance to come up for fresh air and baseball. Only thing missing is the cold beer!
USS Newport News
USS Newport News firing 8" guns during gun fire support mission
Bob Houghton with his 8 track
Bob, is that an 8 Track Tape?
MT53 Blazing
MT 53 Pounding the enemy during gunfire support. The Mullinnix used Marine spotters to aid in destorying enemy targets.
Engine Room Motto
This sign was mounted in one of the Enigne Rooms during the West Pac Cruise of 1972
USS Newport News
USS Newport News close by the Mullinnix. Note the other ship in the background.
A moment to reflect and rest
This may have been going over, or coming home, or on the Gunline. What ever - it was a time to recharege our batteries.
USS Glennon is Guam with Mullinnix
Enroute to Vietnam - USS Glennon DD840 and Mullinnix pull into Guam.
Engine Room Watch
Typical Engine Room watch during Vietnam 1972. "Keeping the lights buring bright"
MT 31
Although MT 31 wasn't used as often as the 5", she could pour it on when called upon to do so.
Panama Canal
Panama Canal loc door open - Mullinnix being pulled into next loc by electric train.
Refueling occured every 2-3 days - tanks were always topped off.
Demko and Ellis
FTG1 Tom Demko and SN Rob "Snake" Ellis.
Watching The War Go By
Taking a break - MM3 Jerry Brinkley and friends.
Heading Home
Heading Home - Don't let the door hit you in the ass!
Bo & Slick National Bank
Greg "Bo" Bohmert and Jim "Slick" Holland with the proceeds of a successful day of loaning money
Patch from my Jean Jacket 1972.

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