1974 - Middle East

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After a brief shake down cruise to Gitmo in January, MULLINNIX started 1974 preparing for a CINCLANTFLT Propulsion Board inspection and for a deployment to the Indian Ocean. After many hours and an extended effort from the entire crew, MULLINNIX successfully passed the Propulsion Exam, ensuring her fitness for a long deployment.

On 27 February 1974, MULLINNIX departed Norfolk on a six-month deployment to the Indian Ocean and Middle East. During the deployment, MULLINNIX steamed over 41,140 miles visiting Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, French Territory of the Ifars and Isas, Pakistan, Oman, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Mauritius. The ship’s company joined in local sports competitions, performed in a rock band, donated blood to local blood banks, and toured the mysterious new lands.

MULLINNIX gave much needed assistance to two ships during the deployment in the Indian Ocean.

MULLINNIX towed the French frigate BALNY for two days in the Gulf of Aden until another French ship could take tow of the disabled vessel. Rear Admiral Robert J. Hanks, Commander Middle East Force, commended MULLINNIX for the "timely, expert, and thoroughly professional assistance rendered to the BALNY." Later during the deployment, MULLINNIX gave assistance to the merchant ship ANNA MARIA following a casualty, which left her with no propulsion.

MULLINNIX returned to Norfolk on August 30th and began a much-deserved stand down period. In October, MULLINNIX ran the fleet operational accuracy check site range (FORACS IV) at Fisher Island off the Connecticut coast. In November, the MUX participated in COMPTUEX 4-75.

Vistor's Day - Port of Call - East Coast of Africa

The crew achieved "Golden Shellback" on 21 March 1974
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