1974 - Middle East

In Mozambique 1974

Mullinnix pier side in Port Louis Maurtitius during Mideast Cruise
Thanks to Dale Schultz, Cecle Doyle, and John (Melvin) Laird for these memories!!

Trinidad - 1974

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MT 53
Who says Gunners don't have a sense of humor? Well, they did in 1974.
Towing French ship 1974
Mux towing French ship during Middle East cruise in 1974.
Port Louis Mauritius 1974
Mullinnix pier side in Port Louis Mauritius during 1974 Mideast Cruise.
USS Paul DE-1080 - 1974 Middle East Cruise.
British Naval Station (French "Coaling" Station) - 1974 Middle East Cruise.
Mux Ties Up 1974
Mux ties up at unknown location Middle East Cruise 1974.
Russian Ship - 1974 Middle East Cruise.
Towing French Destroyer
Mux tows French Destroyer with broken shaft - Middle East Cruise 1974.
Helo transfer
Choppers were a common way to transport personnel, mail, supplies, etc. In this case, helo is picking up a sick crew member to take him to a larger ship or naval base for treatment.
Helo picking up sick crew member
Helo picking up sick crew member
Mullinnix towing French Friggit which had a damaged rudder
Crew suiting up for personnel transfer by helo in case of crashes on aft deck. Note shipmate with foam nozzle (can't remember his name). That is HT CJ Robinson on the far right
DE that sailed with Mullinnix on this cruise

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