1974 - Cuba   

Mullinnix 1974

Mullinnix as she appeared in 1974 - Unknown Location (possible Gitmo)

Thanks to Cecle Doyle for these memories!!

Gitmo Swimming Hole
Gitmo, Cuba swwiming hole - this and drinking beer was the ONLY thing to do!
FTG3 Greg 'Birdman' Berry
My Best Friend - FTG3 Greg "Birdman" Berry!
Brewbaker - TR - Woody - Snake
Back to Front: Walter "Brew" Brewbaker; Terry "TR" Daniels; Frank "Woody" Wood; Rob "Snake" Ellis - hamming it up!!
Cecle Doyle
Cecle Doyle at the Gitmo "Swimming Hole".
Gus in Cuba
Ken "Gus" Gustin @ Gitmo "Swimming Hole".
Ken Gustin with Cuba in background
Ken "Gus" Gustin with Cuba in the back ground.
Heavy Bone
"Heavy Bone" (2nd from left) and Friends.
Rob 'Snake' Ellis
Rob "Snake" Ellis.
L to R: McKinney & Friend.
Rob "Snake" Ellis - a character to say the least.
Snake and Friends in Cuba
Snake and Friends in Gitmo.
TR and Snake
That is Rob "Snake" Ellis attaching Terry "TR" Daniels.
TR and Woody
Terry "TR" Daniels (back to camera) and Frank "Woody" Wood".
TR, Woody, and Snake
L to R: Terry "TR" Daniels, Frank "Woody" Wood, Rob "Snake" Ellis, and unidentified shipmate.
Woody and Snake
Snake applies his famous "eye pokes" to Woody".    

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