1976 - North Atlantic

Blue Nose

Bob Eschbach's Blue Nose Card for crossing the Artic Circle

Check courtesy of Richard Emerson. Rich tells the following story...

The check was for Comrats on shore patrol in Antalya, Turkey in Feb 76. The Mux was a part of the NATO force for a few months on our cruise and we left the Independence Battle Group to work with 3 other NATO ships. We had made a port call with the NATO ships in Izmir and Antalya, Turkey in Oct/Nov 75 and during our visit in Antalya, the locals assaulted several Mux sailors (me included). At the time the Turks were angry with the US over an arms embargo because of the Cyprus conflict.

The Mux was all too happy to leave Antalya and we thought that was the end of that place for us but we went back in Feb 76 by ourselves for I believe was an 1 day port visit (anchored out).

Me, EW2 David Cox and FTG2 Jerry Baker had shore patrol that night and the assaults happened again (relatively minor because most crew members choose not to go ashore). Long story short, the Turkish military got involved, the shore patrol (we 3) were pretty much it for our guys and late into the evening the three of us were "stuck" along at fleet landing with the "bad guys" peeking around the corners at us. We got out of their but not without being scared to death (we were prepared to swim back to the ship or steal a boat).

Anyway, for all that stress I got my $1.80 check. I thought then that I would never cash it so I could remember the incident.

Those are times I will not forget. I knew pretty much everyone on board at the time. My running buddy, Dave Cox, was one of the most popular guys on the ship (he checked on for the Middle East cruise in 1974). He and I took over and ran probably the biggest slush fund on the ship. We also set up the CCTV system for our cruise so the crew could watch recorded shows on TV. Dave had a nightly TV show where he read the news (courtesy of Radio). All in all, it was great.

I stayed on for the North Atlantic cruise in 1976 and the yard period in Brooklyn in 1977. The one picture I sent was in the barracks at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1977. I was re-enlisting and OE division (ENS La Mesa was the division officer) we all present as you can see in the photo. I got $12,000 to re-enlist and I was transferred in January (I think) of 78.


BT Michael Johnston remembers that Mullinnix was the first American Warship to enter Hammerfest Norway since the end of WW2. BTW, after Michael's discharge in 1977 he married a girl from Hammerfest.

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