1976 - N Atlantic

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USS Mullinnix in NOrth Atlantic 1976

Mullinnix in the North Sea - 1976. Courtesy of Bob Eschbach

Bob Eschbach provided these memories

Blue Nose Card
Bob Eschbach's Blue Nose Card for crossing the Artic Circle
North Atlantic 1976
Bob Exchback Hangin' out on the fantail. That is USS Independence CVA-62 on the horizon at left
MR3 Murphy in South Hampton - 1976
MR3 Murphy while Mux was in South Hampton England - 1976
MRFN Bob Eschbach - 1976
MRFN Bob Eschbach - N Atlantic 1976
Mullinnix  1976
The calm before the storm
Mullinnix 1976
Mullinnix - North Atlanic Cruise 1976
Mullinnix refueling in North Atlantic - 1976
Mullinnix refueling in the North Atlantic
Mullinnix Refueling 1976
Mullinnix Refueling in the North Sea 1976
Mullinnix refueling in the NOrth Sea 1976
Mullinnix refueling in the North Sea - August 1976
USS Independence CVA-62
USS Independence CVA-62 - 1976

MR3 Tom Eidel in MR/HT Shop during N Atlantic Cruise 1976
Note: Tom advises, "bad photo because some MM left a water tank
filling and flooded part of our compartment and my rack being on the bottom
and right at the sounding tube guess what?

Winter Solstice (LOL!)

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