1981 Middle East                  

USS Mullinnix - Actual Date Unknown

The USS Mullinnix went to Newport, RI for a day prior to going to East Boston for a yard overhaul in January 1981. She picked up a busload of school kids from "Eastie" who had come down to ride the ship back as one of CDR Yankura’s public relations acts. A good time was had by all, as we got to show the children around the ship and then let them sample some good old navy chow at lunch. The MS’s were in rare form, as the children seemed to truly enjoy their meal.

The Mullinnix arrived in Newport in the mid-afternoon and left the next morning.

When the MUX was in her final overhaul in Boston 1981, the shipyard was directly across the harbor from the CONSTITUTION. There was one crewman from the CONSTITUTION who transferred to the MUX (while she was in the yards) by the name of BM2 Silver. He stood several mid-watches with John Hardin and as one great guy.

All Hands Magazine - September 1981

Radioman Third Class Jose A. Garcia from Laredo, TX remembers walking off the Mullinnix on May 30, 1981 while she was in the ship yard at East Boston, Mass.

RM Monroe joined the Mullinnix in 1981 in Beirut. The ship had been there for 6 moths and ready for shore leave!!! Mullinnix was on a combination Med/Indian Ocean tour. Monroe became a Shell Back on that cruise along with all hands on board. He says that is a memory he’ll never forget!!!!(or want to relive!).

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