Decommissioning 1983          

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Courtesy of Ron Lohr BTCS (Ret) USN
Note: I asked Ron how he managed to own this and his response was, "After the (decomm) ceremony everyone just got up and left to go to different parties. I had to stay and assume the watch as a member of the skeleton crew. The speech was left on the podium and I picked it up and kept it with me for all these years. After the decomm ceremony the Mux stayed in Chucktown for about two weeks with the skeleton crew. We only had to stand Q-Deck and Sounding and Security watches and played alot of golf as the ship was prepared for tow. I don't remember the date but several of us had to ride the Mux as she was moved by tugboat out of Charleston Navy Base under the bridges one last time and out of Charleston Harbor. We all rode up on top of the bridge (actually on the bridge roof) until we were clear of the harbor and then got off the Mux and onto the tugboat for the return to CNB. I was the last enlisted member to leave but the OIC was a LT, I believe his name was David L. Irvine, departed the boat last.

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Above articles courtesy of Danny Cnaries

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