Mux Sinkex 23 August 1992

Mullinnix in Philly Shipyard 1992

USS Mullinnix - Philly Shipyard 1992
This was a photo taken in the Philadelphia Ship Yard shortly before she was sunk
The Forest Sherman DD-931 and USS Manley DD-940 were berthed behind her at the time
Note they had not cut off the barrel on MT51 yet
(Contributed by LT. Greg Foster 1978-1981)

Read the article that appeared in TESTER explaining the Mullinnix sinking on October 30, 1992.

Vidio Clips

MOTHER of All Video Clips


Mullinnix Sinking Location Letter 24 August 1992 "After decommissioning, the Mux was used as a target ship and is now a reef off the North Carolina coast."

Unfortunately, that piece of miss-information was believed by many of us for years to be the truth of the final resting place of the Mighty Mux. However, with a fine piece of detective work by BT3 Greg "Bo" Bohmert, the truth was uncovered on 15 July 2002.
The letter to the left, is a copy of the original US Navy Project Memorandum for the project known as "BB WARHEAD".

The letter states that the Mullinnix was sunk on 23 August 1992 at approximately 1110 hours at the position of 17 degrees 09.504' N 65 degrees 41.807' W in 2617 fathoms (that is approximately 15,702 feet of water or 2.97 miles straight down!)

That is in the Carribean - South and slightly East of Puerto Rico in water deeper than the Titanic!!

View the map that Bo mocked up from a hurricane map that shows the final resting of the Mullinnix - the last all gun destroyer in US Naval history.

The project memoradum goes on to explain, "Internal BB detonation destroyed hull girder strength area of Frame 115. Ship broke under sagging moment caused by progressive flooding from point of detonation. EX-MULLINNIX sank within 9 minutes, 50 seconds of detonation. Support vessel HUGO remained on station approximately 45 minutes after sinkex, picked up two pieces of debris.

NAVSTA Tug YTB788 and AFWTP Support Vessel HUGO witnessed sinkex event.

In a letter to Frank Wood dated 24 January 2003 from the Department of the Navy it stated, "In response to the portion of your request for photographs and documents pertaining to the two pieces of debris, picked up by Support Vessel HUGO, please be advised that a member of the Atlantic Test Range believes that the two items were a piece of a tub and refrigerator door that were brought onboard after the vessel was decommissioned. Although we have no documentation, we believe those items were recovered and sent for scrap of disposed of. The enclosed photograph is responsive to this portion of your request."

Status: Disposed of as target - Date Status Changed: 08/23/1992
Age in years (At time of disposal): 34.5
Commission Date: 03/07/1958
Decommission Date: 08/11/1983
Years from Commission 25.4

Bo and his brother have studied the photographs of the Mullinnix sinking and have made the following observations:

1. Since the Mux was made "environmentally friendly" for this test, with no fuel in her tanks, the fire ball in the explosion pictures is the direct product of the warhead.
2. Since pieces of the main deck can be seen being carried away by the rim of this fireball, the fireball is the "blast" not the by-product of an explosion, the "warhead" tested had to be a "fuel/air " type explosive warhead.
3. Fuel/air explosive devices up to now had been rather large devices not suitable for the medium size range of ship-to-ship or air-to-surface missiles.
4. The site selected for the test ensures that no one can view the effectiveness of this "test" without considerable effort.

In an email to FTG3 Frank Wood on 30 October, 2002, BO comments, "The Mullinnix still has secrets to hide and tell...".

View the letter the BO received from LCDR Brian Powers, JAGC, U.S. Navy, Freedom of Information Act Coordinator.

After the de-commissioning ceremony has ended, the colors have been hauled down,
the last watch has been secured and the officers and crew have marched off,
a ship passes into history but lives on in the memories of those who served on her.
Long live the Mullinnix! God bless those who served on her!

It's apparrent the Mullinnix had her share of cameras mounted on her. The following video clips are in sequence of the test they performed on her. You will have to admit, she was a tough old bird - rumor has it that the last explosion was somewhat in frustration because she would not sink. The last test was designed to break her in two. Unfortunately they were successful.

Chesapeake Test Range

Video Clips

Mullinnix in Philly Shipyard 1972
This picture was taken by Greg Foster at the Philedelphia Shipyard shorty before Mullinnix was sunk as a target on 23 August 1992. The USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 and USS Manley DD-940 were berthed behind her at the time.
Hull Mullinnix just before explosion
Test 1 Video Clips.

Test 1 from observation ship.
Test 1 Camera Port Side
Test 1 Bridge Camera
Test 1 MT 51 Camera

Picture is of Hull Mullinnix just before explosion 1059 Hours 23 August 1992. Note no hull number and no barrels on guns. Courtesy Greg Foster.
Hull Mullinnix
Test 2 Video Clips.

Test 2 from observation ship.
Test 2 close up from observation ship.
Test 2 Portside camera - slow motion
Test 2 underwater damage
Mullinnix Explosion
Test 4 Video Clips.

Test 4 from observation ship.
Test 4 from portside camera.
Test 4 underwater damage.
Test 4 more underwater footage.

1100 Hours 23 August, 1992 - The Explosion. Courtesy Greg Foster.
Mullinnix Explosion
Test 5 Video Clips.

Test 5 from observation ship.
Test 5 close.
Test 5 closest.
Test 5 with ship's song.
Mullinnix Explosion after effects
Test 6 Video Clips.

Test 6 - Explosion that broke her in two.
Test 6 - Stern slips under.
Test 6 - Bow slips under.
Test 6 - Another look at the fireball.
Test 6 with ship's song.
Mullinnix starts to break apart
Test 6 Video Clips.

Pre-Test 6 Assesment in engineroom.
Test 6 - Surface shot.
Test 6 - Mullinnix is taking on water.
Test 6 - Mullinnix is in trouble.
Test 6 - Broken in two.
Test 6 - Sinking in two.
Test 6 - Bow disappears.
Test 6 - Slips below the water line
Mullinnix starts to break apart
Taking on water

1105 Hours 23 August, 1992 - As the sea continues to pour into Mullinnix, the tremendous weight begins to buckle her hull. Courtesy Greg Foster.
Mullinnix breaking in two
Test 6 Videos - Beginning to End.

Scene 1.
Scene 2.
Scene 3.
Scene 4.
Scene 5.
Scene 6.
Scene 7.
Scene 8.
Scene 9.
Scene 10.
Scene 11.
Scene 12.
Mullinnix sinking
It appears she has broken in two. 1107 Hours 23 August, 1992 - Mullinnix has buckled in half and is sinking. Courtesy Greg Foster.

Mullinnix is sinking

It appears the end is in sight.
Mullinnix Gone in 10 Minutes

No caption necessary.
Note the two pieces of debris.

"Mother" of all Video Clips

Mullinnix Explosion
"Mother" of ALL video clips. High definition Compilation video from the Department of the Navy. HUGE file size (32.6 Megs). If you got the time to down load it, this is the one you want!
NOTE: Takes approximately 5 minutes with high speed!!

Typical Locations for Navy SINKEX Exercises.

Australian Submarine Sinks Destroyer (video clip)

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