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Updated 5 December 2013


Other Nicknames in the Navy - Frank-e-Footer, Franka, Woodeye, Cornholer (Nebraska reference)

I'm older now but still runnin' against the wind...

Woody and his two youngest sons - Dave and Rob - July 2015
Tough year for all 3 of us and it shows a bit...

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Woody Through The Ages

Woody's Favorite TV Clips

Woody's Favorite Movies

Woody's Husker Page

An Old Salt and FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood
Sydney, British Columbia August 2005

Jerry O'Connell as Woody Hoyt

Woody's Seafood Saloon, St John, Virgin Islands

Woody @ Woody's Pub (Spring Game 19 Apr 2008)
(402) 438-8383
101 N 14th St # 6
Lincoln, NE 68508


Everyone's Favorite Bartender!


               Arlo Guthrie's Dad, Woody                               Woody's Foods, Inc
        “My sweet heart rides a ship at sea”                                                         PO Box 60296
                                        Birds & Ships                                                                               New Orleans, LA 70160
Woody Guthrie                                                                           

                                                                           Ft Worth, TX

Carnivale's Damascus, Nebraska - Close to Woody's home town! NOT!!!

Woody's Favorite "Murder" Book Store

Woody's Dog Tags
(Unfortunately, not the real ones)

Woody's Favorite Football Field
L to R: Frank (Woody) & Rob Wood
Tom Osborne Field
Memorial Stadium
Lincoln, NE
June 2006
Yep, the "N" stands for (k)Nowledge

                                                                                                                     The Woodys

Port Aransas, Texas

Woody's - London, England (my favorite town in the world!)

Woody's Favorite Carribean Restaurant and Source of Red Strip Beer!
Best 'standing' outside bar - freezing temps and overhead heaters make for a perfect pair

Woody's Favorite Hangout Overland Park, KS (Spring 2006)
Best place in the midwest to 'girl watch'...

L to R: Dave Wood, Woody, Rusty Lemmon
Circa 2006

Woody's First Ever Nebraska Bowl Game
Cotton Bowl 1 Jan 2007. Thanks Rob!

1973 Crew
Foghat Road Crew @ 2007 Mullinnix Reunion
(Jacksonville, FL)

Back Row L to R: Cecle "Coyote" Doyle; Ken "Gus" Gustin;
Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes; Jerry "Flakey Bakey" Baker
Front Row L to R: Stan "Stash" Stockam; Frank "Woody" Wood

Watch those fingers MJ!

Frank "Woody" Wood
2007 Reunion

Coach "Woody" Hayes

Woody and Ody sampling 'free samples'
at the Anchor Steam Brewery in downtown San Fran - Feb 2007

SOLD OUT (Record Crowd 80,149) Nebraska Spring Game!
(19 Apr 2008)
Woody was there...

Carter Paul Wood
The 'Wood(y)' name lives on...

Woody Herman and his Orchestra               A life-long dream come true...

Dude, with an autographed Foghat guitar, life is good...
(February 2009)

L to R: Future Daughter-in-law, Future Grandson, Current Son David, Woody
17 March 2009

David and Woody Hamming It Up At The Nebraska Bookstore
17 March 2009

Old Heidelburg German Beer Garden, Danbury, CT, July 2009
(2 1/2 years after Gothenburg, Sweden (Jan, 2007))
L to R: Jeremy, Jeff, Woody (somethings never change...)

Woody's Favorite Garden Center in Beautiful Downtown Burbank! (Nov 2009)

Woody's Dream Comes True - A White Christmas
(Christmas Eve Blizzard, Lone Grove, OK, 2009)

Woody's Quick Stop - Concordia, KS (June 2010)

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