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Updated 16 April 2017


Woody enroute to Gothenburg Sweden. Picture taken at London's Heathrow airport 12 January 2011
[I know, I know - smile! That's tough with frickin' jet lag...]
{Picture taken from iPhone4}

Woody's favorite Irish Pub in Gothenburg Sweden

"The Grey Pelican" Grand Opening Video Clips!!! (.mpg files)

Grand Opening - Part 1
Head Bartender Cecle Doyle gives Woody the Grand Tour

Grand Opening - Part 2
Woody & Cecle Doyle Break in the Bar @ Grand Opening

Woody w/ actor Rob Schneider @ DFW airport on 9 June 2011
"You can do it..."

Woody, Cecle Doyle, Joe Morris @ Winstar Casino, January 2012

Woody's Travelling Music (2012)

Oldy but goldy: Teddy & Woody on the top of WVa (Early 70s)

Woody's Great American Pralines

Woody & Walmart Project Team - Bentonville, AR - Jan 2013

DFW Airport - 1 May 2013

Woody and wife Karen - Red Dirt Brew Pub, Ardmore, OK - 2013

Woody - Col Potters 'Former' Best Friend

Master Sergeant "Woody" Woodruff (Made Radar into LT O'Reilly)


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