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MT 32

Post-1969: Name Changed to MT31 with removal of forward 3"

Among many "lasts" include the 3" 50 gun mount (Twin 3"-50)

Woody on 3
FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood - Springboard 1971

MT 32 - Date Unknown

          3in Schematic
The 3" 50 gun replaced the 40mm quad guns shortly after WWII
This is an internal view of the 3" 50 gun system

The ability of the loading crew dictated how fast the system could fire.
A good crew could fire the gun at about 60 rounds per minute.

A 3" Crew

The crews that manned the aft 3" on the Mullinnix in Vietnam in 1972 were 2nd to none! They could get that baby humming and do it in a hurry. Most view the 3" on the Forrest Sherman Class as 'secondary' armament. Believe me, the 3" held its on against the 5" in Vietnam in 1972.

3" Dummy Round
MT 32. That is MM3 Dale Schultz. Somewhere in the Carribean 1971.

3" Gun on Unknown Forrest Sherman 1962

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