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MT 51

MT 51 Pounding enemy targets
MT51 Shelling Enemy Positions in Vietnam 1966

MT 51 Persian Gulf 1979
Photo Courtesy of Ken Martin

The 5" 54 Gun Mount: This gun consists of two component groups: the lower structure (below deck) and the upper structure (above deck). Lower structure components include the carrier, lower hoist and ammunition loader drums. These componenets provide an uninterrupted flow of ammunition. The upper structure components includce the upper hoist, transfer trays, rammer and the components used to fire the gun. They also aim the gun and eject the empty cases from the gun.

The 5" 54 MK 42 MOD 10 Gunmount

Mullinnix had three (3), fully automatic 5" Guns. However, the guns were manned during routine operation. The mount itself was manned by 2 men. One of them was in the observer. He sat in the observation bubble. If the need arose he could sight and fire the gun from there. The other was there to keep his eyes on the machinery and make sure that everything worked properly.

The Gun Mount Carrier room itself was manned by two personnel; one of these was a safety observer ensuring that the machinery worked correctly. The other man was the Gun Captain; he sat behind a special console from which he could monitor all the gun's functions and in case of emergency, take firing control.

Magazines were manned by 9 men who's job it was to load the guns mechanical loaders. The loaders act like the drum in a revolver. Each of the two (2) loaders held 20 rounds of ammunition and 20 rounds of powder for the gun.

5" 54 Gun Characteristics

The "new" 5" 54 in 1958 (unknown ship)

Mullinnix MT51 - Vietnam 1969

Repairs on MT51 - Vietnam 1972

MT51 - Vietnam 1972

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