Mullinnix Messdecks - Vietnam 1966                                          Happy Thanksgiving 1978 (Middle East)       
PCSN Garry Thilian, Jimbo, and Tony                                                 
Courtesy Russell Bobinger                                                 

Galley / Messdecks - USS Edson DD946 (May 2003)
Mullinnix Messdecks were very similar to this

That good Navy chow!
Then sometime in 1962 somebody came up with the 'great' idea that the Navy needed to save space. Click on Food to see what they did to that GOOD NAVY CHOW!

A Navy cook

Passageway aft from Messdecks
(USS Edson DD-946 - May 2003)
Just like on the Mullinnix
Porthole            Porthole w/ cover

Cup of Joe, Mystery Meat, Reconstituted Milk, Powdered Eggs, and Bug Juice!! Ah, the memories...

Brewbaker, Ollie, Unknown Shipmate Mullinnix Messdecks 1972


Have you ever eaten chow during a hurricane?
(Note: Pic is not from Mullinnix)

Ah, what a job...
(Note: Pic is not from Mullinnix)

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