Mullinnix National Musuem

Elkins, Arkansas

Attention On Deck: Mullinnix National Musuem is in the process of moving to Elkins, Arkansas. Numerous updates will be provided once move is complete

Conk Shell
Caribbean - 1972

"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."
Jesus Christ
Matthew 6:34


Mullinnix Plague and Patch - "On Guard"
Mullinnix Boiler Plate & Navy China
Mullinnix Plague, Patch, and Navy China
Mullinnix Trap Shooting Trophy - San Diego 1966: Boatswain Whistle
Mullinnix Signal Flags - Vietnam 1972: Change of Command Ceremony - 10 August 1982
One Damn Fine Sailor - Future FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood (pic taken in bootcamp - San Diegeo, Spring 1970
Top L to R: 3" brass shell casing; Jakarta, Indonesia doll; Columbian soldier; Jakarta wood carving; Picture of Woody buying a sandwhich from the "roach coach" on Pier 1 at the 2000 Mullinnix Reunion; 1966 Mux Cruise Book
Bottom L to R: Mullinnix Standard Clock from the Engineering Office - 1974; Navy Silver Serving Pieces; Columbian wood craving
Same as picture to left PLUS: Camel from Abu Dhabi (1994); New Zealand book-end (1998)
Top to Bottom: Map of the Caribbean Sea; antique clock; Mullinnix 1966 & 1970 Cruise Books; Humbly-Bumbly Pipe from Abu Dhabi (1994)
Antique Toy Sailors
L to R: Antique Toy Sailors: antique clock; Mux 1970 Cruise BOok; Piranha from Venezuela; Aboriginal statue from Australia (1998); antique Schiltz animated pub light
"Big Mamma" - Solid mahogany statue from Haita - 1972/3; Navy white hat; dog-tags
Navy-theme beers
Port from Victoria, BC; Beer glasses from a windmill-restaurant in Holland; Everyone's favorite: Sam Miquel
Dominican Republic Cigars; Cuban Cigars
Leeds Castle (England) wine (1998); British Columbia Merlot (2006); Bull's Blood from Budapest, Hungary (2007)
2 of my favorite beers in the world: VB from Australia; Polor from Venezuela
Pub glasses from around the world
Papyrus paper art from Cairo, Egypt
Local art from Jakarta, Indonesia
Signed Jetro Tull Album Cover
Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert - Ardmore, OK 2004
Foghat Concert - Oklahoma City, OK 2005
Pub glasses from around the world
Pub glasses from around the world
Pub glasses from around the world
1982 COC and 1983 Decomm Brochures
Decomm newspaper article
1969 Cruise Book Mullinnix Master At Arms Badge
Prize at the 2009 Reunion: Blanket from Mullinnix' CPO quaters Prize at the 2009 Reunion: Blanket from Mullinnix' CPO quaters

Blow-gun - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1998

Mullinnix Cruise Books from 1966 and 1970

Museum Curator
FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood

("Researching" in Ireland 2007)


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