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Mullinnix Bridge - 1958
Courtesy of Art Salzfass

Mux Bridge - 1978 (Middle East)

The Mullinnix bridge was very (almost identical) similar to that
of the museum ship USS Edson DD-946.
Picture taken by FTG3 Frank Wood in May 2003.

FTG3 Frank Wood on Bridge
of USS Edson DD-946
May 2003

Mullinnix Bridge
Gunline - Vietnam 1972

Mullinnix Bridge 1971/2

The 1MC was the ship's general announcing system normally controlled from the Quarterdeck (in port) and the Bridge underway for the OOD's use in carrying out the ship's routine. The system was amplified and did not work during any power outage. It could also be "keyed" from other select places like the IC Room. The "jv" circuits were sound power phone circuits maintained by IC. The "1jv" circuit was for the OOD/Bridge and included the "eyes" of the ship (the lookouts), main control (throttleman in main control served as the phone talker for the EOOW), steering gear watch (aft steering), and a few others. Other stations were added to the 1jv during special evolutions like Special Sea and Anchor Detail, GQ, Unrep, and linehandler stations. The "2jv" circuit was for the engineers, specifically the EOOW to communicate with all the watch stations under his cognizance; the 4 main spaces at all times, and others when manned for special details like forward and aft diesel, IC room and fuel stations.

Mux Barometer, Std Clock, 24hr Clock from early 70's
Courtesy BT3 Greg Bohmert

Engine Order Telegraph (EOT)

Mullinnix Bridge - Vietnam 1972



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