Woody Through The Ages

No, not my bride! Woody at sister Sue's wedding, April 1973
Note the hand-made white suit from Hong Kong
Side note: The ass tore out of the suit at the wedding reception - never wore it again...
AND yes, I hid all that hair under my ballcap as I was still in the Navy until Feb 1974

Woody & Joe Morris' House in Lincoln, NE (after being discharged from the Navy in 1974)
Goes without saying this was the 'new' party central...
Side note: I was the last to move in, only place left was the fruit cellar under the front porch - that was my
Side note #2: Scene of the theft of my 'West-Pac' stereo system

It get's even better...

Woody & Pete's House in Ardmore, OK --- rent was $45/month
We both worked at the refinery across the street. We could see the explosions and fires from our front yard!
Side note: Stereo system was back in my possesion...

Post Navy: Woody goes to college 1975-76
"MIT" (Murray-in-Tishomingo) ID Card

Woody with future bride 1976
Can I pick'em or what...

Woody's wedding weekend March 1976

The Wedding party L to R: Woody, The Bride, Pat Graham, Kay and Joe Morris

Woody 1976

December 1976
"Housework keeps a beer-belly away..."
BTW, I miss my Tony Lamas...

Woody is a college graduate - December 1976
Resume picture (remember when that was SOP?)

Woody's Hot Rod 1976
Remember Black Oak Arkansas? "Mama, I got a HOT ROD..."

Woody & "THE stereo" Jan 1980
11 months until graduation from Nebraska

Woody & Fellow Lab Rats @ University of Nebraska, Fall 1980
(Testing our "rope-wick applicator")

Woody Graduates From University of Nebraska's College of Engineering - Dec 1980


August 1982

Woody starts his MBA at Fort Hays University (Hays, KS) in Spring of 1990
Nice glasses...

Marketing Department, Duncan, OK, 1990

Woody gets his Masters - 1993


PG&E, San Francisco, 2007-8

Henkel, Phoenix, AZ, 2008

Woody @ Nebraska Book Store, Lincoln, NE 2009

Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2009

Woody w/ Barclays Project Team, London, Feb 2010

BCI, Santiago, Chile, 2010

Hurricane Hermine Sept 2010 - Woody's Backyard

(Cartoon) Woody Jan 2011

Disney Studios, Burbank, CA, 2011

Woody, "Hope For Ardmore" (OK), 12 Nov 2011

Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, 2012

Walmart, Bentonville, AR, 2012

Walmart Team, Bentonville, AR, 2012

Nissan, Nashville, TN - Spring, 2013
Note: OLD driver's license photo from a few years ago...

Woody and his girls - Paige, Loree

Woody - October 2015

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