USS Mullinnix DD944
ALL HANDS Magazine July 1960.

Mullinnix Clips From 1960
Courtesy Jack O'Connell & Jim Young

USS Laffey DD-724

Fantastic Footage of Our Beloved Mullinnix

Liberty in Downtown Norfolk

Plan of the Day - 1 October 1960

Plan of the Day - 2 October 1960

Antwerp Belgium
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instructions that were given out to the Mullinnix Crew

The Mullinnix made a Med cruise from 7 August 1959, returning to Norfolk D&S on 26 February 1960.

The Mullinnix had an overhaul, including dry dock in Portsmouth from 26 Feb – 6 July. She then went to Gitmo from 6 July to 11 August. From 14 August – 6 September, 1960 she was in Norfolk and participating in FALLEX WARMUP (prep for upcoming NATO Cruise)

The Northern Europe Cruise (NATO Exercise) was made from 6 September – 20 October 1960. The Mullinnix pulled into only 1 port for 6 days (arriving 2 October) - Antwerp, Belgium - but it was a bute! She crossed the Arctic Circle on 20 Sept. 1960. The crew was awarded their "Blue Nose" card.

Between 1959 and 1961, MULLINNIX visited many European cities and countries including Naples, Barcelona, Cannes, Athens, La Spezia, Istanbul, Malta, Taormina, Palermo, Gaeta, St. Jean, and Samsun and Bregli in the Black Sea. While in Cannes, vaudeville was relived on the torpedo deck one afternoon when George Jessel boarded the ship and presented a 45-minute show of music and comedy to the assembled ship’s company.

Commanding Officers (1959-1963): John C. Hill II, William H. Shaw, G.R. Reinhart.

Mullinnix Track Chart for 1960-62. Courtesy Robert Hall

Courtesy Robert Hall

Courtesy Robert Hall

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