The Plane To Lisbon and of Course, Rick's --- Everyone Goes to Rick's

Casablanca Video Clips!!!

Movie's Opening Credits
A classic...

Opening Scene
"...but others must wait in Casablanca, and wait, and wait, and wait..."
Note: Upside down, I know...

"Sam, Play It. Play as "Time Goes By"
"Sam, I thought I Told You Never To Play That Again..."

"Of All the Gin Joints..."
" all of the Towns in all of the World, She Has To Walk Into Mine..." (damn...)

Rick listens to "As Time Goes By"
Thinking of Paris...

Rick At The Train Station
Double damn...

Final Airport Scene - Part 1
"What About Us?" "We'll Always Have Paris...Here's Looking At You Kid..."
Note: Upside down, I know...

Final Airport Scene - Part 2
"Louie, I think this is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship..."
Note: Upside down, I know...


"Yes Ugarte, I am Impressed With You." "Thank you, Rick"

Rick and Captain Louis Renault Watch the Lisbon Plane Come Into Casablanca

"Sam, Ferrari Will Pay You Double What I Pay You."
"I Don't Have The Time To spend The Money I Have Right Now."

Sam Singing / Playing "Just Knock On Wood"

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