History of the USS MULLINNIX DD-944


Could it be that the Mullinnix and USS Edson DD-946 (as seen in an episode of Twilight Zone) were not the only Forrest Shermans to be featured on a TV show? Check out these video clips of the episode of JAG called "Death Watch" and you be the judge.

The episode was entitled "Death Watch". It orignally aired on March 31, 1998. In the closing scene the characters are shown pier side at approximately 4AM (after the mid watch). There is at least one Naval ship along side the pier used as a back drop for the scene. Could it be the USS Bigelow DD-942 who we lost in April of 2003? Look closely, is that the mast of the USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 behind the Bigelow?

Click on Jag picture above to listen to opening theme of this episode
starring the USS Bigelow DD-942 and the USS Forrest Sherman DD-931.

Click on the picture below to watch a video clip of Bigelow and Forrest Sherman in action on JAG.

HINT: Move your 'media player' over to one side slightly
so you can watch the video clip while looking
at this picture of the Bigelow and Forrest Sherman.
You be the judge! Is it?

Harm approaches

The letter

Harm with gun
Click on each of the pictures to the left and catch a glimpse of the USS Bigelow and USS Forrest Sherman.

Mac must stop Harm before he takes deadly revenge on the murderer of his former girlfriend.

When Mac arrives at Harm's apartment and finds him armed and hell-bent on avenging the death of the former girlfriend, she stalls him while trying to disarm him. A s she gets him to talk, he tells her how he's finally found the missing clue to th e identity of the real killer of Lt. j.g. Diane Schonke, a classmate at Annapolis who looked exactly like Mac and was the love of his life until she was murdered two years ago. But when Harm tricks Mac and breaks away from her, she must take the inform ation he gave her and figure out where he's going and whom he's after before he's want ed for murder.
JAG 3rd Season
EpisodeDeath Watch
WriterDonald P. Bellisario
DirectorDonald P. Bellisario
ProducerTina Albanese
Story EditorDana Coen
ConsultantBob McCullough
Co-Exec ProducerChas. Floyd Johnson
CastHarm: David James Elliott
Mac: Catherine Bell
Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux
Admiral Chedgwidden: John M. Jackson
Brian Turkey: John Ashton
Cmdr. Allison Krennick: Andrea Thompson
Cmdr. Holbarth: Ben Lemon
Lt. Lamm: Mark Kiely
Lt. Sarah Williams: Brook Susan Parker
CPO Ned Bannon: Glenn Morshower
Meg Austin: Tracey Needham
The 3 clips above all give glimpses of the two ships. The 1st of the 3 shows Harm walking past the bow of the Bigelow. Isn't it?

Want more proof?

Kurt Wagemann of the Forrest Sherman Association has been to this pier on a number of occasions. He says the barrels of the gunmounts on the Bigelow have been removed. Note that you never see the front of MT51 to this show.

Misc. Audio Clips

Marines Don't Duck
Punching Out
Goodbye Mick...

Before Kiss
Harm and Mac are on the dock talking. Harm looks at Mac in the Navy uniform and an odd expression comes over his face. Slowly he moves toward her. In anticipation of what is about to happen Mac lifts her face up to meet his. Finally, their lips meet. After a moment they both pull back and stare at each other as if they are unsure of what just occured. Mac's face and voice show how sad she feels, as she believes he might have been kissing Diane.
The kiss
This closing scene has a great view of the front 1/2 of the Bigelow. Again, look at the lit-up bridge, the forward director and MT51.
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Closing Theme
to listen to the 'full' version of the JAG theme song.

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This video clip shows the USS Bigelow and USS Forrest Sherman in the closing scene of this episode.
And another look at 'the kiss'...

Audio clips
from this episode.

Damn you Harm!

Bud explaining fit of the uniform

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