History of the USS MULLINNIX DD-944

JAG Episode: JAG TV

The episode was entitled JAG TV and appeared in season 6. It orignally aired on 31 October, 2000.
The opening scene is at pier side at night. There is at least one Naval ship along side the pier.
Could it be the USS Bigelow DD-942? Isn't that the famed hurricane bow of a Forrest Sherman?
Isn't that MT-51? Isn't that the pronounced bridge of a Forrest Sherman?

You be the judge.

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starring the USS Bigelow DD-942.

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Mac comes under the glare of media scrutiny when she's named to prosecute in JAG's first televised court martial.

As Mac prepares for her televised prosecution of an innocent looking young ensign accused of murdering her husband's teenage girlfriend, she learns that her opponent is none other than Juanita Ressler, who was her professor in law school. Ressler is a very media-savvy trial attorney who uses every trick in the book to swing the media and the public over to her client's side.

Attorneys Johnnie L. Cochran and Gloria Allred, Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart and Craig Kilborn, host of CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, guest star as themselves.


JAG 6th Season
EpisodeJAG TV
WriterPatrick Labyorteaux
DirectorScott Brazil
ProducerDonald P. Bellisario
Story EditorPaul J. Levine
CastingMelissa Skoff, C.S.A.
Director of PhotographyHugo Cortina
CastHarm: David James Elliott
Mac: Catherine Bell
Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux
Admiral Chedgwidden: John M. Jackson
Karri Turner: Ltjg Harriet Sims
Randy Vasquez: Gsgt Victor Galindez
Chuck Carrington: PO Jason Tiner
Hayley DuMond: Ensign Kingsley
Christopher Daniel Barnes: Ltjg Andy Kingsley
Sean Murray: Danny Walden
Clyde Kusatsu: Captain Morimoto


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