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     Holidays In The Navy

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Mullinnix (I think) @ Gitmo on Christmas Day 1971
(Picture taken from Bob Hope's Troupe's Plane)

First ever Mullinnix Christmas Ornament (2005)!

Mullinnix Christmas Card - Year Unknown

First ever Mullinnix Christmas Stamp (2005)!

Mullinnix Christmas Menu - Cover (1963)
Mullinnix Christmas Menu - Inside (1963)

First Ever Mullinnix Rhyming Midwatch (1 Jan 1959)

USS America - Dec 1973

Gitmo White Hat Club - Dec 1958

1958 Mullinnix Christmas Card
Courtesy Howard Everett

Mux Sister Ship
USS Barry
Celebrates The Holidays
- 1961

A Sailor's Christmas - A Holiday Poem

Unknown Naval Base - Christmas 1961

Bob Hope Christmas Show - Gitmo 1971

Christmas 1960 (Unknown Ship)

Christmas 1960 (Unknown Ship)

Christmas 1960 (Unknown Ship)


Bob Hope Christmases with the troops


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