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        MK 68 Director           

This was the main fire-control radar director. It was 1 level above and just forward of the aft 3" gunmount. During gunfire support missions in South Vietnam in 1972 there were normally 2 men stationed inside the director. On my watch that was typically SN Walter E Brewbaker Jr and FTGSN John M Brock. There is a hatch (not visable in this photo) just behind the radar dish in the top of the director.

Aft Director - Enrounte to Vietnam in 1972

MK 68 Director - Enroute to Vietnam 1972

The ladder (on the Mux) from
the Messdecks down to the hatch
to the aft fire control room
was exactly like this one
on the USS Edson DD-946

Jerry Baker in Aft Gun Plot
FTG3 Jerry Baker is facing the SPG-53A Radar. This radar, in conjunction with the MK68 gun fire control system, was the Mullinnix main defense system against enemy attack. Behind Jerry is the computer system.

FTG3 Scott Ferguson
FTG3 Scott Ferguson is taking a "nooner" between the SPG53A Radar (right) and the power supplies for the radar (left).

FTG2 Joe Soltau working on the computer in the aft firecontrol room - Vietnam 1969

Gunnery Division - 1969

MK68 Gun Director
USS John Paul Jones DD932 - 1962

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