2003 Mullinnix Reunion     

Vietnam Crews

Vietnam Crews

Standing back row L to R: Frank "Woody" Wood, Cycle "Coyote" Doyle
Standing middle row L to R: Dan Chambers, Wallace Neal, Greg "Birdman" Berry, Richard Cegelis, Jim Carter, Mike Simmons.
Sitting L to R: Dale Schultz, Larry Gillam, Bob Houghton, Orville Davis, Ervin Sherrill.

ALL Attendees at this Year's Reunion

Attendees @ 2003 Reunion

Back Row L to R: James "Cricket" Jackson, Frank Wood, Jim Young, Richard Cegelis, Dale Schultz, Clyde Lester, Kenneth Carroll.
4th Row from L to R: Stan Pritchard, Amos Duncan, Richard Giles, David Poland, Dan Chambers, Cecle Doyle, James Murphy, Howard Everett, Greg "Birdman" Berry, Paul Lentini, Kenneth Saunders, Michael Simmons.
3rd Row from L to R: Earl Hamlett, Carl Ross, Larry Gillam, Charles Robinson, Orville Davis, Ervin Sherrill, Clovis Burns, Jimmy Saunders, Jim Carter.
2nd Row from L to R: Roger Ballard, James Forbes, Dick Kellum, Robert Houghton, Neal Wallace.
Front Row L to R: George Pires, Skip Petras.

2003 Reunion Video Clip #1
2003 Reunion Video Clip #2
2003 Reunion Video Clip #3
Birdman & Cecle
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