2004 Mullinnix Reunion     

Frank Wood And The 2004 Mullinnix Reunon

HMS Belfast

Frank Wood was in London, England during the 2004 Mullinnix Reunion
To honor his fellow shipmates and to feel spiritually closer to the reunion,
on Friday, 16 April 2004 he toured the HMS Belfast
The Belfast is moored in the Thames river near Tower Bridge
It is the largest surviving ship of WWII of any of the European Navies
Built in the late 30ís the technology is surprisingly similar to that of Mullinnix

See you in Norfolk in 2005!!

ALL Attendees at the 2004 Reunion

Attendees @ 2004 Reunion

Attendees at the 2004 Reuion
98 Mullinnix shipmates and guests were in attendance setting a new reunion record

2004 Reunion Book (pdf file)

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