2007 Mullinnix Reunion     

1973 Crew
Foghat Road Crew
Back Row L to R: Cecle "Coyote" Doyle; Ken "Gus" Gustin;
Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes; Jerry "Flakey Bakey" Baker
Front Row L to R: Stan "Stash" Stockam; Frank "Woody" Wood

Watch those fingers MJ!

Room 515 - Clip #1

Room 515 - Clip #2

2007 Reunion Book (pdf)

Ken "Gus" Gustin & Cecle Doyle

Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes aka "Rocky the Squirrel"

Frank "Woody" Wood

Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes

Foghat Road Crew Cuttin' Up

We missed you Birdman!

Ships in port at Mayport Naval Base - Jacksonville, Florida

Mark 45 5-inch, 54-caliber lightweight gun
Mayport Naval Base

USS Doyle FFG-39 - Mayport Naval Base
Mayport Naval Base

USS John F Kennedy CV-57 (Decomissioned 23 March 2007)
Mayport Naval Base

"Big John" - Decommissioned 23 March 2007
Mayport Naval Base

USS Robert G Bradley FFG-49
Mayport Naval Base

2007 Reunion Attendees
Attendees at the 2007 Reunion

A word of encouragement to the crew

"I would like to wish all of you the best at this reunion of the USS MULLINNIX even. I also wish to thank each and everyone of you for bringing and defending the freedom we so much enjoy and yet take for granted in the United States. Furthermore, your service aboard the USS MULLINNIX makes me proud to have the name I have. Again, thank you for your honor and your service."
James Lee Mullinix
June 2007

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