2011 Mullinnix Reunion     

Reunion Videos

Auction (Clip 1)

Auction (Clip 2)

Happy Hour!

Saturday Banquet (Clip 1)

Saturday Banquet (Clip 2)

Norman Rockwell Home (Clip 1)

Norman Rockwell Home (Clip 2)

2011 Reunion Book (PDF)

L to R: Cecle Doyle, Mike "MJ Foghat" Thomes,
Frank "Woody" Wood, Jim "JC" Wonch, JC's Harley-buddy Carl

Woody and Karen with Their Favorite Bartender "Arafat"

Woody on Bridge Wing of USS Slater DE-766 (Albany, NY)

MJ Foghat & JC Wonch on the Bridge of USS Slater DE-766

Woody & MJ Self-portrait in Aft Head of USS Slater DE-766
Were's Birdman When You Need Him?

MJ Foghat "Hatch Spying" on Sunny, Karen, Cecle, and JC
(Aft Head, USS Slater DE-766)

"Too Much Booze!" 2 Shipmates Aid a Fellow Muxmen From the Bar...

"I'm a Farmer..." MJ and "The Doyle" Buying 'Supplies'

Spirit Casks @ Harvest Spirits, Valatie, NY

Still trying to think of a caption...

Cecle and Woody @ Harvest Spirits, Trying to Decide Just What to Purchase...

Woody and MJ Point The Way to The Head!

Woody on USS Slater DE-766
Last Destroyer Escort (DE) Afloat in the United States

Woody on USS Slater DE-766

Woody & JC on USS Slater DE-766

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