2016 Mullinnix Reunion

Ken Carroll, Woody, and Carl Ross

No camption necessary
L to R: Mike Snokes, Garth Pochocki, Jim Forbes

Mambo's - the place for Muxmen...

Live Space Launch @ Mullinnix Reunion

Space Launch #1 (.mov file)

Space Launch #2 (.mov file)

Space Launch #3 (.mov file)

Rubber Trees at hotel

Oh, so many choices - which way to go?

Lunch - Florida Style!

The "Mux" Beach


I was trying to get a good photo of the ocean, but this girl kept getting in the way...

Yet another piece of Mullinnix history courtesty of CO Krumwiedi (March 70 - October 71)

Extended Lunch (Top to bottom: Mary Simmons her husband Mike, Ray Filewicz, Mike Snokes, Jim Forbes.Joanne Filewicz and Garth Pochocki are standing behind)

Extended Lunch continued...

Woody (aka "dad") and daughter Paige

Ken Carroll and Frank Wood (aka "Woody")

Having fun yet?

Paige Wood and Carl Ross

Tony wins!!!

Tony wins again!!!

Jimmy Carter

Headed home - hotel is down there someplace on island, facing ocean...

Back to reality...

JC Wonch and Kim Carroll

Woody and Kim Carroll

Same 2 guys...

Woody and Paige

Woody and Kim / Ken Carroll

Stop joking around...

Ken and Woody

Room key...

Woody's name tag!

Parking pass...

L to R: Paige, Antonio, Anotonio's Brother Cecilio Moreno Garcia (both from Spain), Frank Wood (aka Woody)
As you may note, yes, Woody hasn't had enough coffee at the time of this picture

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