2017 Mullinnix Reunion

JC, Woody, and Ken Carroll hamming it up!

1972 Vietnam Gunline Crew in attendance at the 2017 reunion
Note: Eddie Young left early and is missing in this picture

1972 Vietnam Gunline Crew

1972 Vietnam Gunline Crew

Eddie and Linda Holder (with the rest of the gang!)

Ken Carroll

Bob and "MJ" Houghton, Lori Schultz, and somebody's elbow

Having fun on the trolley - Michigan Style!!!

Ken and Kim Carroll

Howard and Sally Everett

3 Amigos: JC Wonch, Ken Carroll, and Frank Wood aka "Woody"

5 Amigos

Dale Schultz and Ken Carroll
Yes, it was Ken's personal goal to get his picture with EVERYONE!

Dale Schutlz, Ken Carroll, Frank Wood aka Woody, Bob Houghton

Jim Forbes and his bestie

Roger Bocek and Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll and Woody discussing really important stuff...

Saturday night dinner

Jim Young (Plankowner), Ken Carroll (Decomm Crew), Howard Everett (Plankowner)

Voted "best tie" at the reunion!

Linda and Eddie Holder, Frank Wood aka Woody

Mr. Mole and Mr. Schutlz - 72 Nam Shipmates!

2017 Reunion Video - Saturday Dinner

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