2008 Mullinnix Mini-Reunion
Woody's / Cecle's & Pete's - Sept 2008

No photos, but PLENTY of Videos

Note: During the telling of 'sea stories', please note there had been an abundance
of alcohol et al consumed, although the video shows us drinking coffee.

Cecle cheats at Darts

Cecle cheats at Darts Cont'd

MJ's Cooking Lesson

Cecle Tells a Sea Story

Woody Recalls Finding Foghat

Woody Recalls Finding Shorty, Roadtrip to California & Ocean View

Woody, Cecle, MJ recall Ocean View Amusement Park

MJ Painting the "Aft Director"

Pete's Place

Oldest Operating Bridge in Oklahoma

Oldest Operating Bridge in Oklahoma Cont'd

Your co-host - "Woody"
(Picture taken in Ireland - July 2007)

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