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U.S.S. Oriskany CV/CVA 34 - A Mux partner for all 3 trips to the Gunline, she joins Mux for 1 final voyage (17 May 2006)
USS Charles F Adams DDG-2 - The last of a unique breed of ship (Updated July 2008)
USS Des Moines CA-134 - The final chapter for the world's last heavy cruiser (Updated 2007)
USS Grunion "FOUND" - The final chapter for a long lost sub and her crew... (11 Nov 2007)
Sweden's Jagaren Smaland J-19 - One of the world's great maritime museums! (Feb-March 2007)
NATO Fleet in Gothenburg, Sweden - May 2007
HMS Belfast - Largest ship of any European Navy to survive WWII. Another of the world's greatest ship museums! (Updated July 2007)
USS Iowa BB-61 - Last of America's Battleships finds a home (August 2012)
Disaster Aboard USS Iowa BB-61 - 19 April 1989
Misc Navy 'stuff' from the 1980s
Misc Navy 'stuff' from the 1990s
North Platte (Nebraska) Canteen
USS Stewart DE-238 Museum
USS Hoyt S. Vandenberg Sinkex
USS Glendale PF-36
USS Laffey DD-724
San Diego - Boot Camp

Pearl Harbor Attack

Navy / Marine Crisis Response - 1950s-1980s (pdf)



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