Mullinnix Crew 1973

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Fall 1973

Left to right: FN Jerry W. "Pete" Burton, FN Charlie Farmer,
FTG3 Frank A. "Woody" Wood, SN Cecle D. Doyle,
FN Kenneth "Gus" Gustin, "Ray" - October 1973

Note: The Schafer Beer (e.g. "East Coast Coors!")

Note: If you thing this is long hair, scroll down!

The caption on the back of the above picture stated:
"Got this pic developed. Thought you might like to have one.
This was the day we were going home and you all
were getting ready to split for Cuba. Merry Christmas."

(Obviously written by 1 of the girls from Akron, Ohio - probably "sweet" Glenda)

A card to Woody from all of Jewel's (RM3 Neil Appel) buds in Hauppauge Long Island
What a great bunch of party animals!!! They treated us like gold!!!


The Rocket

Who Could Forget?
All beered up! Hanging over the front car or better yet,
standing up in the back car waving with 1 arm, hanging on with the other!
Remember Shorty? Remember Foghat? Birdman? Diane? Bo? Rita?

Remember the night we got kicked off and told not to return again?

...ah, to be young again...

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L to R: Shorty, Hilda, Woody, Jewels is standing

Any memories from '73 you can share?
RM3 Neil Apple
11th Bay Duplex Summer 1973. RM3 Neil "Jewels" Apple. Jewels always carried two packs of smokes! Note the poster on the wall and the black light standing in the corner.
Glenda, FN Rob Ellis
11th Bay Duplex Summer 1973. FN Rob "Snake" Ellis.
Typical Practical Joke

Reminds me of Wayne Behrens. He use to crawl out of the bathroom window and sneak around to the front door. With an old suitcoat he found in one of our 'abandon house' tours, and a fake badge...he would barge in the front door screaming, "Your ALL busted!"
Foghat, Jo Jo Gunn, J Giles Band, Black Oak Arkansas, Leonard Skynard, Jethro Tull, et al
Daryl "Shorty" Itrich - A great great buddy!
My best friend - Greg "Birdman" Berry.
Charlie Farmer & Rita
"Charlie Farmer and Rita Berger at the races.
Charlie Farmer & Rita
Charlie Farmer and Rita Berger at the races.
Stash & Ollie
"Stan "Stash" Stockham & "Ollie" - D&S Piers.
Joe Morris
Joe Morris - not a Mux Sailor but a good Ocean View buddy none the less!
Cecle and friends
Cecle Doyle and Friends @ Woody's!
Birman and my God Daughter
Greg "Birdman" Berry with his two kids. That is my God Daughter on the left!
Cecle-Gus-Stan-Bags Apartment
Cecle, Gus, Stan ("Stash") and "Bags" called this home
Birman and my God Daughter
Cecle, Gus, Stan ("Stash") and "Bags" called this home
Camping in style
GLenda & Stan's womanmobile!
Camping 1973
My friends of 1973: MJ Foghat, Stash, Glenda, Ollie
73 Posters
A couple posters on our apartment wall. Note the spider between them. I wonder if he moves?
Diane Burr
One of the original three girls from Akron, Ohio - Diane
Diane Burr
Diane in Ardmore, oK - 1974

Jimmy Roland, Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes, unidentified shipmate
(Picture 'discovered' at the 2010 Mux Reunion)

ALL of us said we weren't going to get a haircut
for the rest of our lives after we got out of the Navy.
Some of us were serious!!

FTG3 Frank Wood aka "Woody" - 1975

"Woody" - 1976

FN "Pete" Burton was serious to!

"Pete" - 1975

Chevelle SS396

1973 Crew
Some of the 'gang' at the 2007 Reunion - "The Foghat Road Crew"
Back Row L to R: Cecle "Coyote" Doyle; Ken "Gus" Gustin;
Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes; Jerry "Flakey Bakey" Baker
Front Row L to R: Stan "Stash" Stockam; Frank "Woody" Wood

Watch those fingers MJ!

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