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AND Then There Were ONLY 2...

L to R: USS Charles F Adams DDG-2, USS Forrest Sherman DD-931, and USS Edson DD-946 - May 2007
Courtesy MM3 Dale Schultz

UPDATED July 2012: Other than the USS Barry DD-933 (a Memorial ship at the Washington Navy Yard) and the USS Turner Joy DD-951 (a Memorial ship in Bremerton, Washington), there are only two (2) Forrest Sherman destroyers afloat today. Until recently, They lay side-by-side, a memorial to a bygone era, in an ex-Navy shipyard (Philly) in the NE corner of our nation. Silently waiting for their next duty station. One has dodged the cutter's torches and found a home in Bay City, Michigan. The other, the mother ship of the Forrest Sherman class, has lost her final battle with the Navy, and will either be scrapped or sunk.

The USS Edson DD-946 still sports museum-quality paint and appears to be ready to engage an enemy. The Forrest Sherman DD-931 on the other hand, is faded to the color of the sea that she floats in. With her 5-in barrels cut off like Oklahoma shotguns and rust blooming like an explosion of spring flowers after a 2-in Nebraska rain, she is in dire need of a final resting place.

These two proud ships laid next to the USS Charles F Adams DDG-2. Intended as a follow-on to the Forrest Sherman class destroyers the ship was originally designated as DD-952. Outwardly similar to the Sherman class, Charles F. Adams was the first U.S. Navy ship designed from the keel up to launch anti-aircraft missiles. With her steel, rather than aluminum superstructure, the years have been devastating. Since her decommissioning on 20 November 1992, giant rust worm-holes has literally eaten through her bulkheads.

The GOOD NEWS is, the Adams is headed to Florida as a museum ship!!! Wish we could say the same for the Forrest Sherman, may she rest in peace...

Thanks to Muxmen Dale Schultz, we have a visual record of these mighty warships the likes of which we'll never see again.

Pictures courtesy of MM3 Dale Schultz
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