History of the USS MULLINNIX DD-944


This is the last time you will see this!
Two (2) Forrest Sherman Class Destroyers sitting side-by-side in Philly

L to R: USS Edson DD-946, USS Forrest Sherman DD-931
Jan 2006 - Courtesy Jim Young

Sherman Videos

USS Edson DD-946 and USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 - April 2006 - Video Clip 1
USS Edson DD-946 and USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 - April 2006 - Video Clip 2
USS Edson DD-946 and USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 - April 2006- Video Clip 3
USS Edson DD-946 and USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 - April 2006- Video Clip 4

    Last heavy cruiser afloat in the world!    

FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood with USS Edson & USS Forrest Sherman - April 2006
"2 Forrest Shermans, 1 Forrest Sherman sailor"

USS Decatur Sinkex Video 22 July 2004
Courtesy of Jerry Hihn



The Forrest Sherman Class - last Class in Naval History to sport 100% guns. The USS Hull DD-945 was the last 'all-gun' Destroyer in the Pacific - decommissioned in 1982. A month later, the Mullinnix was the last 'all-gun' Destroyer in the Atlantic to be decommissioned. With the Mux decommissioning the end of an era was complete. The US Navy will never again see a ship will ALL guns.

            May they rest in peace...
We lost THE LAST one on 22 July 2004. There are now just four (4) that are the sole survivors of the Forrest Sherman Class: Two (Turner Joy and Barry) are musuems, one (Forrest Sherman) will be a museum in Havre de Grace, Maryland (as of 28 Oct, 2007), and one (Edson) is in donation hold status in Philly.

...AND the "Forrest Sherman" name will live on. On January 23, 2003, the Secretary of the Navy announced that the next ship to be constructed for the fleet will be named the USS FORREST SHERMAN DDG 98. She will be commissioned sometime in 2006. The SHERMANS live on!

"The Sweet 18"

USS Forrest ShermanDD-9319 Nov 19555 Nov 1982
USS ForrestSherman

July 2012 - Final Update: The Navy, in its infinite wisdom, illustrating “in spades” that it is indeed part of our illustrious government, decided NOT to let the Forrest Sherman become a museum. Therefore, the ship will meet the fate of most of its sisters by either being scrapped or SINKEX.

The Forrest Sherman Foundation was allowed to collect many mementoes from the ship for their soon to be constructed Forrest Sherman Museum.

USS John Paul JonesDD-9325 Apr 195615 Dec 1982Converted to DDG-32 Guided Missle Destroyer. Sunk 30 Jan 2001.

USS John Paul Jones
USS BarryDD-93331 Aug 19565 Nov 1982No longer a Memorial ship at Washington Navy Yard. She has been towed away either to the scrappers of a sinkex

USS Barry
USS DecaturDD-9367 Dec 19562003Sunk as target off the coast of Hawaii (of the coast of Kauai - 22:57 N 159:55:41 W) on 22 July 2004. She was the LAST surviving Forrest Sherman still on active duty - as a Weapons trials ship for Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

USS Decatur

The decommissioned destroyer Paul F. Foster (DD-964), shown in the distances in the picture below was then being prepared to become the new SDTS, replacing the ex-Decatur. Note the towing fitting installed on the ship's bow. Photographed by Frank V. Thompson. 16 June 2003. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Decatur is shown on 21 July 2004 - her last day before her SINKEX. May she rest in peace.

USS DavisDD-93728 Feb 195731 Jan 1982
Sold for scrap 1993.

USS Davis On way to Quincy MA Scrapper - 17 January 1992.
USS Jonas IngramDD-93819 Jul 19574 Mar 1983Sunk as target 23 July 1988.

Hull Jonas Ingram
USS ManleyDD-9401 Feb 19574 Mar 1983Scrapped 1993.
USS DuPontDD-9411 July 19574 Mar 1983Scrapped 1993.
USS BigelowDD-9428 Nov 19574 Mar 1983Sunk as a target 2 April 2003 as part of a SINKEX off the Virginia Capes by US, Canadian, Dutch and Belgium ships.

Hull Bigelow

Picture above was taken on 2 April 2003 during the Bigelow Sinkex. The USS Bigelow had been silently waiting inboard of the USS Forrest Sherman in the Philly shipyards. The 1st week of Feb 2003 she was moored next to the USS Des Moines with tow lines on her. I received a confirmation email from Frank Calandrillo on 27 May 2003. Click on the picture above to view additional pictures of the Bigelow's fate courtesy of Jim Wimberly.
USS BlandyDD-94326 Nov 19575 Nov 1982
Scrapped 1993.

Under tow at Fore River to be broken up - 31 Jan 1993.
USS MullinnixDD-9447 Mar 195811 Aug 1983
She was the last forward deployed Sherman
Sunk as target 23 Aug, 1992. Click on picture below to view video clips of the sinkex.

USS Mullinnix
USS HullDD-9453 July 195811 July 1983Only US Destroyer ever to sport an 8" gun (Mark 71 8"/55 Major Caliber Lightweight Gun). Sunk as target on 7 Apr 1998.

USS Hull
USS EdsonDD-9463 Apr 195915 Dec 1988
The Edson was the last of the Forest Sherman-class destroyers remaining on the naval registry when decommissioned.

Final Update July 2012: The USS EDSON DD-946 has come home to Bay City Michigan. The site that she is resting at after a long tug pull from Philadelphia is at the Wirt Stone Dock. This is just temporary as she will be moved to her final site in the near future.
USS SomersDD-9479 Apr 195915 May 1984Converted to DDG-34 Guided Missle Destroyer. Sunk 22 July 1998.

USS Somers
USS MortonDD-94826 May 195922 Nov 1982Scrapped 1993.

Morton Association

Decommissioning of USS Morton DD 948

Above picture is of USS Morton and USS Richard S. Edwards in MIddle Loch waiting scrapping.
USS ParsonDD-94929 Oct 195919 Nov 1982Converted to DDG-33 Guided Missle Destroyer. Sunk 4 Apr 1989.
USS Richard S. EdwardsDD-9505 Feb 195918 Dec 1982Sunk as target 10 Apr 1997.

USS Richard S. Edwards
USS Turner JoyDD-9513 Aug 195918 Dec 1988Memorial ship at Bremerton, Washington. Click on picture to view vidio clip of her during the Market Time blockade in Vietnam during the 60's.

USS Turner Joy

T Joy being towed to drydock to clean hull in Spring 2017

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